Custom Made Pounamu (Greenstone) Jewellery

At Benjamin Black Goldsmiths we take pride in hand crafting jewellery that is made to the highest standard of workmanship and design. Aligning with other industry experts, who specialise in their given field, is just one way we help to ensure the integrity of every piece.

When working with pounamu (greenstone) in our jewellery, we work closely with a professional carver, who supplies us with exquisite made to order pieces.

Garth Wilson has family connections with pounamu that go back hundreds of years to the Maori tribes Ngati Mahaki and Ngati Waewae - the original traders of pounamu on the West Coast of the South Island.

Here are just a few pounamu pieces we have had the honour of hand crafting with precious metals.

Pounamu and white gold koru pendant.
Yellow gold and pounamu ring with koru design. Yellow gold and pounamu ring with koru design.
Greenstone Earrings with Gold Bands by Benjamin Black Goldsmiths Pounamu drop earrings with yellow gold bands.