Remaking of a Ring - from Old to New

At Benjamin Black Goldsmiths transforming old jewellery into beautiful new pieces is one of our favourite things to do. Most people have unworn or broken jewellery in the depths of their jewellery boxes. Often it has a sentimental value attached; lovingly passed down from a Great Aunt or doting Dad. Reusing old jewellery to create something new is a special privilege.

Here's just one example of one of our many jewellery remakes. The customer provided us with these rings. We then worked with her to design a new ring that would utilise the gold and some of the stones.

After melting down the gold, the ring was forged.

Then the diamonds were set and after a final polish a new ring emerged.

Diamond cluster ring by Benjamin Black Goldsmiths

If you have old, unworn jewellery at home, bring it into us. Together we can create something special.