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Benjamin Black Goldsmiths

  • Brand Lapel Pins and Signet Rings

    At Benjamin Black Goldsmiths we love working with organisations, clubs and schools, to create premium accessories. Lapel pins, signet rings, pendants and tie pins laser engraved with your company logo, are a fantastic way to reward your team members, celebrate milestones, or as gifts for special clients.

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  • NELSON MAIL ARTICLE: Unworn silver remade into new jewellery in collaboration between Kiwi brands

    Benjamin Black Goldsmiths jeweller Benjamin Clark with some of the recycled silver used to create a new jewellery line for Untouched World. A collaboration between two Kiwi brands means unwanted silver is being re-purposed into hand-made jewellery.

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  • Bridal Jewellery for 2019

    With a rising trend in custom men's jewellery, 2019 has become the year for Grooms to shine, by investing in a quality ring that lasts a lifetime and beyond.

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  • Infused With Precious Memories: Custom Signet Ring

    At Benjamin Black Goldsmiths we see it as an honour to help people continue their family legacy through the creation of custom made signet rings. Using family jewellery in a design is always a privilege and the creation of this ring was no different. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our client for the privilege of creating this meaningful signet ring. An expression of his love and commitment to his 'wife-to-be', and symbol of their unique love story, infused with his family's precious memories. 

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  • In the Media: New Zealand Herald Article

    Amy from Benjamin Black Goldsmiths talks to the NZ Herald about designing a wholesale jewellery line.

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  • Benjamin Receives Young Business Person of the Year Award

    It is with great pleasure we announce Benjamin Clark from Benjamin Black Goldsmiths has been awarded Young Business Person of the Year 2018. Benjamin business partner, Amy Cunningham, received the award on his behalf (as Benjamin was away), at the annual Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce Business Awards last Friday night.

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  • Glimmer in the Rock

    A selection of the works currently exhibiting at Bryce Gallery in Christchurch: Glimmer in the Rock by Benjamin Clark of Benjamin Black Goldsmiths. Hope is like a glimmer, a flicker of brightness, a faint yet powerful light that illuminates us from the depths of our souls. For there is always hope. On the darkest of days and the longest of nights, hope is a seed planted deep within us, where it has always been and will always be. It is a glimmer in the rock.

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  • How to Select the Perfect Signet Ring

    At Benjamin Black Goldsmiths we love continuing the legacy of our clients through the creation of hand made signet rings. Signet rings were traditionally a symbol of family heritage. Featuring a family crest, or coat of arms, signet rings of this type were engraved in reverse so they could be pressed into clay or wax. It was ultimately a form of identification, also known as a 'seal ring'. This type of engraving is still a popular option today. At Benjamin Black Goldsmiths, we work with a professional hand engraver to ensure engravings such as these are meticulously and masterfully brought to life. 

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  • Sculpture for the Nelson Centre of Musical Arts

    As featured by the Nelson Mail, our sculpture for the NCMA has now been installed. Moving Beyond was inspired by the idea of music being the universal language of life. Music has enriched our lives since the dawn of humankind, therefore we wanted the concept of music transcending cultures, countries and boundaries, to shine through.

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  • The Provenance of our Pounamu

    At Benjamin Black Goldsmiths we love creating beautiful jewellery with pounamu (greenstone). We feel privileged to work with a professional greenstone carver from the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island, which is located just a few hours drive from Nelson.

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