4 Reasons To Love Hammer Finished Jewellery

Hammer finishing is a technique Benjamin loves to use when crafting jewellery. A hammer finished ring, cuff or pendant produces a beautiful shimmering effect - reminiscent of the ocean or a faceted gemstone.

Different types of hammering (and hammers) will produce different effects. From softer more subtle finishes, to heavier more definite textures.

Here are 4 reasons to love hammer finished jewellery:

1. Hardness. Hammering sterling silver or gold makes it harder, so your jewellery is less likely to bend out of shape with a hammered finish.

2. Shine. The hammered look produces a magnificent shine, shimmer and reflective look that is easy to fall in love with.

Statement Cuff by Benjamin Black Goldsmiths1

3. Artisan element. There's an organic element to hammer finished jewellery that makes it truly special. When wearing a hammer finished piece, there's a real sense of 'hand creation' and connection with the artisan.

The Reflection Ring by Benjamin Black Goldsmiths

4. Uniqueness. Although many jewellers use hammer finishing, it has become a signature technique for Benjamin Black and is one of our distinctive features.

Sterling silver bangle with hammered finish by Benjamin Black Goldsmiths

Do you have a hammer-finished piece? Why do you love it? I'd love to hear from you - please share your thoughts below.