Cufflink Couture

I'm a self-confessed shirt fiend.

As a jeweller, I suppose I could get away with wearing whatever I want. Maybe t-shirts would be more practical, given the hazardous substances we work with – and the sheer number of shirts I go through.

I'm not sure when my shirt-attachment started, but I can't escape it. Even on weekends or when relaxing at home, the shirt is still donned.

Shirts are smart, versatile, and actually pretty comfy.

And when wearing them with a distinguished pair of cufflinks the shirt suave-o-meter rises to a whole new level.

Cufflinks are designed for shirts which have buttonholes on both sides but no buttons.

If you're looking for a high calibre brand, Crane Brothers in New Zealand make beautiful shirts with French cuffs, like this crisp white dinner shirt – and they also custom make to order.


Crane Brothers White Montague Shirt. RRP $395 NZD.

There's something a bit Bond about cufflinks...


And of course, they're not just for men either...


I have made several pairs, from the everyday classics...


Classic Cufflinks by Benjamin Black Goldsmiths, hand crafted in sterling silver. RRP $449- NZD.

To custom designs, like these pounamu (greenstone) and sterling silver cufflinks...


Bespoke cufflinks by Benjamin Black Goldsmiths, crafted for a customer with *Ng?ti Raukawa lineage. The design is inspired by the Raukawa Leaf, which is central to the belief and origins of the Ng?ti Raukawa tribe, framed with sterling silver koru, and set in sterling silver.

Are you a fellow shirt fiend? Do you wear cufflinks?