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Was a Brooch, Now a Pendant

At Benjamin Black we love the combination of classic and contemporary.

From the furnishings in our studio, to the equipment in our workshop, and even our marketing style, everything we do seems to entwine the mix of old and new.

And when it comes to reinventing old, previously loved jewellery, into something contemporary and new, this is one of the things we do best.

Recently a customer brought in an old brooch she had acquired, which contained a beautiful golden citrine.

She wanted it to be made into a piece she could wear, which incorporated the stone and some of the original gold, but had a completed new look.

I came up with the idea of a pendant, which utilised the original stone (and setting) in the middle.


Do you have jewellery at home which you just don’t wear? Talk to us about refurbishing your previously loved jewels into something new, or credit your old gold towards a modern design.