How to Select the Perfect Signet Ring

At Benjamin Black Goldsmiths we love continuing the legacy of our clients through the creation of hand made signet rings.

Signet rings were traditionally a symbol of family heritage. Featuring a family crest, or coat of arms, signet rings of this type were engraved in reverse so they could be pressed into clay or wax. It was ultimately a form of identification, also known as a 'seal ring'. This type of engraving is still a popular option today. At Benjamin Black Goldsmiths, we work with a professional hand engraver to ensure engravings such as these are meticulously and masterfully brought to life.

Monograms are also a popular choice; a creative design combining two or more initials. We love coming up with monogram designs for our clients, which are then either hand engraved onto the top of a signet ring, or cut out of gold and overlaid on top of a gemstone such as onyx.

Alternatively you can opt for a signet ring without any engraving in classic solid gold.

Considering creating your own personalised piece? Contact us to talk about creating your bespoke signet ring.