Infused With Precious Memories: Custom Signet Ring

At Benjamin Black Goldsmiths it is an honour to help people continue their family legacy through the creation of custom made signet rings.

Using family jewellery in a design is always a privilege and the creation of this ring was no different. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our client for the privilege of creating this meaningful signet ring. An expression of his love and commitment to his 'wife-to-be', and symbol of their unique love story, infused with his family's precious memories.

"I come from a military family which originates in Spain and Portugal. The gold used in this ring was from a chain gifted to my mother from my grandfather moments before he passed away. He was well and truely the patriarch of the family and was/is my hero growing up. He was a generous, honest, disciplined man who worked hard and sacrificed a lot for our family. People like him are hard to find nowadays.

My mother has safeguarded this for me since I joined the military. She gifted it back to me with one of her rings when I set a wedding date. I did not want to risk losing it while wearing it around my neck so decided to have it created into this ring. The G is for my last name and the crest is the original family crest from Spain."

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