Can Mean Wear Engagement Rings?

Yesterday The Nelson Mail published an article about men’s engagement rings rising in popularity, which featured a bunch of our Benjamin Black rings.


It was a fantastic write-up based on the question – should men wearengagement rings too?

Or, as our studio manager Amy was quoted as saying, – “men want to be a part of the occasion – why should women get all the bling anyway?”


Good point. Why should only women wear a love objet d’art ? It is, after all, a symbol of a commitment and intention. Shouldn’t men be able to express that devotion to their beloved as well?

We have definitely noticed the men’s engagement ring rising in popularity.


Sterling silver and greenstone ring with black diamonds by Benjamin Black Goldsmiths

“This is for a number of reasons. Gay marriage is one of them, people staying engaged for longer is another,” says Amy (as quoted by the Nelson Mail).

I think it’s a cool concept. Whether they’re worn as a signet ring, a cuff or a band with a diamond on the ‘engagement finger’, wearing your heart on your hand is always a beautiful thing.

What do you think? Can men wear engagement rings too? Or is a tradition that should be kept for women only? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

You can read the full article here.