Men's Style Essential: Money Clip

There’s been a revival for all things debonair in the world of men’s fashion.

Then again, items of the genteel kind, such as tie clips and cuff links, have always been popular.

But lately we’ve been receiving requests for more obscure items which were originally at the height of fashion many years ago.

The money clip is one such accessory making a big resurgence.

Nothing epitomises style more than a well-groomed chap equipped with a handsome money clip.

Not only are these fine gadgets practical, keeping your notes neatly folded, they also ooze suave sophistication.

And although plastic is more common than cash, there are occasions where notes are better than cards, like when you’re heading for a night out on the town for example.

Here’s one which I have just made in sterling silver. It’s a bit wider than the classic one, which was inspired by a request I had from a customer in Auckland who ordered a custom made money clip.



Are you a fan of money clips? I’d love to hear your thoughts.