Why Moissanite Gemstones Make Spectacular Engagement Rings

We all know diamonds are forever, but in our humble opinion, moissanites are a girl's best friend. At Benjamin Black Goldsmiths we have been busy creating several new designs using both black and white moissanites. Apart from their beauty, there are many reasons to fall in love with this gorgeous stone. If you're getting engaged, moissanites could be a great option for you.

Here are 4 reasons to consider a moissanite gemstone for your engagement ring:

  1. Sparkle. Moissanites are very similar in appearance to diamonds, but they have more fire, brilliance and sparkling lustre than any other stone - including diamonds.
  2. Cost. Although they are spectacularly beautiful, moissanites are just a fraction of the cost of diamonds.
  3. Durability. Moissanites are one of the toughest gems known and are harder than all other gemstones (excluding diamond) including ruby and sapphire.
  4. Romance. They was first discovered in 1893, in a crater created by a meteorite that fell to Earth. Although they are now mainly lab created, we love the story and significance of their origin.

Gold and Moissanite Ring by Benjamin Black Goldsmiths

Gold and moissanite ring by Benjamin Black Goldsmiths

If you're getting engaged, get in touch with us to discuss creating an engagement ring made uniquely for you.