Why Rhodium Plating Makes Diamond Rings Dazzle

As a Nelson jeweller, many of our customers have rings that have been rhodium plated.

Rhodium is a precious metal that is generally not used in making jewellery, because it is very expensive and difficult to work with.

And yet, rhodium is fantastic for plating jewellery. It's beautiful white, mirror-like colour is perfect for making diamonds shine even brighter.

With diamond rings, often it can be hard to distinguish where the stones end and the metal begins. Rhodium plating brings out the diamonds magnificently, therefore many white gold rings today are rhodium plated.

Rhodium is only a plating and therefore it will wear off eventually and require replating.

At Benjamin Black Goldsmiths, we provide a rhodium plating service - and at $65 per ring, this is great value.

To celebrate the beginning of 2016 we are offering FREE rhodium plating (one ring per customer) until the end of January!

Come in and see us at Benjamin Black Goldsmiths to take advantage of this special offer - or give us a call on 03 546 9137.