Glimmer in the Rock: 11

Argillite (pakohe) and gold bespoke pendant hand made by Benjamin Clark of Benjamin Black Goldsmiths.

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Hope is like a glimmer, a flicker of brightness, a faint yet powerful light that illuminates us from the depths of our souls. For there is always hope. On the darkest of days and the longest of nights, hope is a seed planted deep within us, where it has always been and will always be. It is a glimmer in the rock.

Glimmer in the Rock is a unique collection of inspired jewellery works, symbolising hope and power during life's challenging times. Having recently experienced the sudden and tragic loss of his young newphew, Zephaniah, Benjamin was inspired by the concept of the human ability to find strength in times of overwhelming distress.

Every piece in this collection has been intricately hand made with yellow gold and argillite (pakohe), a strong stone that was used by early Maori communities for making adzes and weapons. The argillite symbolises strength and power, balanced by the yellow gold which embodies hope. The beautiful form of each piece reflects Benjamin's love of creating movement with metal.