Signet Ring Price Guide

Interested in having a custom signet ring handcrafted by Benjamin Black, but unsure of the costs involved?

Below is the signet ring price guide, which shows approximate costs. Simply select the metal and finger size you would like, then scroll down to select the top shape and type of engraving. 

Signet Ring Price Guide by Benjamin Black Goldsmiths

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What does STG stand for?
A. STG stands for sterling silver. 

Q. How do I select the right metal for me?
A. Refer to the precious metals guide here for help selecting a metal. A simple rule is, the higher the carat of metal, the better it will wear over time

Q. How do I find out my finger size?
A. Measure the inside diameter of an existing ring with a ruler, then let us know the measurement. Or, pop into your local jeweller to request a ring size. Alternatively we can courier a ring sizer to you (NZ based customers only). 

Q. What happens if the ring doesn't fit when I receive it?
A. Benjamin Black provides a complimentary resize (within two sizes up or down) within the first month of purchase. Alternatively you can have it resized by your local manufacturing jeweller.

Q. How long does it take to make?
A. Signet rings generally take 2-3 weeks to create from the date of confirmation. 

Q. What do the different types of engraving mean?
- Laser engraving is the most popular for of engraving because it provides an exact finish. We also carry out laser engraving in house. Laser engraving can either be surface engraved (click here for example), or recess engraved (click here for example).
- 2D hand engraving is surface engraved and conducted by hand, producing a more organic look.
- Wax seal is the traditional type of deep engraving, whereby the crest is hand-engraved in reverse by our master engraver. This enables the ring to be used as a wax seal. 

Q. I know what I want, what happens next?
A. Once you have selected the metal, finger size, top shape and type of engraving, get in touch with us and let us know what you would like. We require a 25% deposit upon confirmation, with the balance payable upon completion.

Q. Is my ring insured while it is being shipped?
A. Yes. Benjamin Black provides full insurance whilst your jewellery is being couriered to you. Once you receive the jewellery it is your responsibility to have it insured (if need be). Please check with your insurer to discuss whether your jewellery requires insurance. 

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