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  • A Glimpse Inside The Goldsmiths' Workshop

    Recently we were commissioned to create an anchor men's bracelet, in yellow gold, set with beautiful onyx gemstones.

  • Recycled Silver Jewellery Collection for Untouched World

    Last year, Untouched World contacted our company, Benjamin Black Goldsmiths, to discuss the possibility of creating a unique jewellery range that would be made from recycled silver. It had to complement their lifestyle fashion collections and stay true to their brand values of simplicity, sophistication and sustainability.

  • Monogram Signet Ring

    If you're considering having a custom signet ring made, a monogram can add a stylish finishing touch. Monograms are symbols created using initials - read more on monogram engraving here. They are a fantastic way of personalising your custom made jewellery piece.