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  • Recycled Silver Jewellery Collection for Untouched World

    Last year, Untouched World contacted our company, Benjamin Black Goldsmiths, to discuss the possibility of creating a unique jewellery range that would be made from recycled silver. It had to complement their lifestyle fashion collections and stay true to their brand values of simplicity, sophistication and sustainability.

  • Monogram Signet Ring

    If you're considering having a custom signet ring made, a monogram can add a stylish finishing touch. Monograms are symbols created using initials - read more on monogram engraving here. They are a fantastic way of personalising your custom made jewellery piece.

  • Remaking of a Ring - from Old to New

    At Benjamin Black Goldsmiths transforming old jewellery into beautiful new pieces is one of our favourite things to do. Most people have unworn or broken jewellery in the depths of their jewellery boxes. Often it has a sentimental value attached; lovingly passed down from a Great Aunt or doting Dad. Reusing old jewellery to create something new is a special privilege.