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  • NELSON MAIL ARTICLE: Unworn silver remade into new jewellery in collaboration between Kiwi brands

    Benjamin Black Goldsmiths jeweller Benjamin Clark with some of the recycled silver used to create a new jewellery line for Untouched World. A collaboration between two Kiwi brands means unwanted silver is being re-purposed into hand-made jewellery.

  • Bridal Jewellery for 2019

    With a rising trend in custom men's jewellery, 2019 has become the year for Grooms to shine, by investing in a quality ring that lasts a lifetime and beyond.

  • Infused With Precious Memories: Custom Signet Ring

    At Benjamin Black Goldsmiths we see it as an honour to help people continue their family legacy through the creation of custom made signet rings. Using family jewellery in a design is always a privilege and the creation of this ring was no different. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our client for the privilege of creating this meaningful signet ring. An expression of his love and commitment to his 'wife-to-be', and symbol of their unique love story, infused with his family's precious memories.